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Paddle Boarding
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Paddle Boarding is an easy and a fun way to travel across the clear waters of the Clark Fork River. Standing up, lying down, or kneeling, paddle boarding is a low-impact, low-intensity, and amazingly fun activity that you can do alone, with a friend, or even your pet! It is easy to learn, you don't need much to start your paddle boarding journey. It truly is a great way to spend your time on the water with your family and friends. It can be done by anyone regardless of age, gender, skill level, or fitness level. It is a low-impact sport that works all the muscles in your body and helps you focus, improves your balance, and aids you in reaching a flow state of mind. Very relaxing and the surrounding scenery is to die for. Majestic mountains, crystal clear waters to watch fish swimming and let’s not forget the abundant wildlife that surrounds you, it makes you feel close to nature. It offers a fun, new way to spend time in sun while being in the water.

paddle-boarding Green Acres Ranch
paddle boarding green acres ranch
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