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"There's no such thing as a bad day when you're fishing."

- John D. Williams


Right in Green Acres backyard of Sanders County there are 15 plus hot spots to fish. Perfect for casting a line to fly fishing, which is some of the best fishing in Montana. Grab your rod and reel, come, and experience the beautiful crystal-clear waters and surrounding cascade mountains as you fish from the shoreline, from a boat or right in the water itself. It’s truly a scene out of "A River Runs Through It." Big Sky Country is brimming with wonderful spots for fishing. The clear, cold water in the lakes and rivers is a perfect habitat for trout and other freshwater fish. See if you can catch a record-breaking fish at one of these fishing spots. Fly fishing is some of the best fishing in Montana.

Fly Fishing Thompson Falls
Fishing Thompson River
fly fishing Thompson falls
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