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Thompson Falls area is a paradise for nature lovers. We
are comfortably situated among beautiful pine and fir trees beside the Clark Fork River. 

Water Activities

There are adventures on the Clark Fort River located in Sanders Country Montana waiting for you.

Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill you soul.


If you love the water and connecting with nature, you’ll love kayaking. It’s a wonderful way of seeing wildlife up close, because you’re silently paddling or just sit and float in the quietness to possibly see a deer or elk, bear, even a moose along the shoreline or in the woods. If you look up, you’ll probably see a powerful bald eagle or two soring down into the river for its food. You become part of the surroundings. It’s where you can get close to wildlife before they see or hear you. You might spot a beaver dam along the riverbank.

 The colors change depending on the time of year, and so often you can see the reflection of the sky vaulting mountains in the waters. Even non outdoorsy family and friends can enjoy kayaking and being out on the water, appreciating nature. Kayaking on your own is very rewarding because of the quietness, you can paddle at your own pace to absorb the surroundings and feel at one with nature. You’re doing exercise without realizing it because it’s effortless, guiding the kayak along with your paddle. Bring your own kayak, there are places to drop in, just minutes away from Green Acres Ranch. If you don’t own your own, we’ve got friends who have a rental business.


Float, Tubing & Swimming

Bring the party to the water!  Just minutes away from Green Acres Ranch you can take your tubes or rent one or two of our BIG 6 Passenger inflatable party lounge to Float the Clark Fork River, where we will drop you off at the swimming hole and pick you up down river. It’s relaxing, fun and the scenery can’t get any better. There’s a place for your cooler, munchies, cup holders, with comfortable seats, and backrest. It’s the best hangout and perfect social environment for enjoying the water, the sun and good company.  Just sit back, float and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Need to cool off or just get wet, take a dip in the clear waters as you swim with the fish.

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river rafting montana
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River Float Green Acres Ranch
Thompson falls montana
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