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Life is best when you're camping.

It's "The Best" therapy!


Camping is a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors, especially at night. If you want your kids to camp outside of the log home, just bring a tent and some sleeping bags. Keep it easy. There’s lots of places to pitch a tent on our 30 acres. Don’t have a tent, we have two tree forts in the front yard. A distance away we have a T-Pee set up that you can rent. Lots of fun opportunities to make crazy memories and stories to tell. Spending nights in the outdoors allows one to view the constellations, getting a full view of the umbrella of stars in the night’s sky, being surrounded by the sounds of the night. Camping in the great outdoors with family and friends alike, presents an unparalleled opportunity to bond and spend quality time together. 

Montana Camping
camping green acres ranch
Camping in Montana
Camping Thomson Falls
Thompson Falls Camping
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